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Do you only shoot motion control?
Motion control is a versatile and powerful technology for creating amazing shots that you simply can't achieve any other way. We also shoot using standard cameras and production techniques, or combine a standard shoot with motion control. using whatever is best for the shot, sequence or project.
What are the benefits of using motion control?
Motion control enhances your product's presentation, adds tremendous production value and allows you to showcase your product in ways no other method can. A few benefits include:
  • Precise control of camera and product position / movement. Create unforgettable, dynamic and visually engaging action.
  • Smooth vari-speed effects using computer controlled camera paths including moving from an extreme macro close up to full wide shot.
  • Repeatability. Use multiple pass photography to create seamless transitions or to add special effects to enhance the product or highlight special features. Program once and shoot many times, ensures a consistent look and saves time when shooting multiple products.
  • Easliy create elegant moves, especially for macro product shots.
  • The ability to repeatably shoot at a wide range of camera speeds including: single frame animation, go-motion and variable speeds from 0.25 to 150 fps.