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“CineMonster has produced two outstanding product videos for Summa. Director/Producer Dale Fay and his production team are highly proficient at their craft, extremely pleasant to work with and always willing to go the extra distance in order to capture the perfect shot.”
“The unique capabilities afforded by cineMonster's one-of-a-kind robotic camera combined with Dale's relentless commitment to providing an extraordinary product has given Summa a definitive edge over the competition.”
Royce Owen - Marketing Director, Summa USA
“I’ve worked with Dale Fay and cineMonster nearly a dozen times and each experience has been excellent. Whether hitting critical marks shooting live action, or landing perfect focus on an exact square inch for a tabletop food shot, Dale’s got moco mojo! He’s a great guy to work with and is always up for any technical challenge. Bring him problems, he’ll give you solutions.”
David Leonard - Leonard Creative
"When the BBC and Discovery Channel asked Symphony Films to recreate the eruption of Mount St.Helens for their “Surviving Disaster” series, we had no hesitation in recruiting cineMonster to direct the action. CineMonster is great to work with. Dale designed and created the most unique and impressive action sequence of the series and vastly exceeded the expectations of our budget."
Chris Roff - Producer, Symphony Films
"Thanks for your help on the Brita project. The high speed water shots and VFX elements worked great. The product looked fantastic. In the end, we got all the shots we needed and more!”
Mike Abinanti - Producer, Bridge Media Inc
“Dale Fay is a talented creative and business professional who brings boundless enthusiasm to his work, and it always shows in the final cut. I look forward to working with Dale and cineMonster again.”
Greg Vernon - President, Tinderbox