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From $6599

An excellent choice for a more advanced or detailed sales video requireing more screen time.

This cineMonster video can feature single or multiple products presenting them in a beautiful, informative and engaging way.  Multiple graphic elements will help focus the audience on key benefits and product features while motion-control photography delivers heroic product imagery.

The base price includes video design and production including shooting product(s) on either a black or white background. Up to 7 graphic callouts as well as the end logo, promotion or other call to action.

This is a great video to build brand image, launch, promote and inform your audience of your product(s) many features and benefits.  

Optional Upgrades 

  • Music
  • Script and voice over
  • Additional supers / motion graphics
  • Art direction services / special product surfaces and /or backgrounds
  • Special effect shots
  • Extended video duration
  • Table top product photography
  • Image processing / Photoshop work

7 steps to the video package process


  1. Contact us about your project.  Let’s explore the possibilities, discuss your goals and how we can create a video to meet your specific needs.
  2. The design and scope of work, including any additional options, schedule, deliverable list and final price is submitted for your approval.
  3. Send us your product.
  4. We shoot your product video. We can upload work in progress as required.
  5. After editing we send you a proxy video for approval.
  6. Upon final completion a link to download the full resolution video and any additional product stills will be sent to you.
  7. We ship the product back to you.

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