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From $999

This is an excellent way to add video content and visual interest to your website while focusing attention on your message. Perfect for unique attention-grabbing sales and promotional advertising on Facebook or Instagram.  Thoughtfully designed choreography and up to 15 seconds in duration, this package will add action and style to your message.

We can create a wide range of styles from sophisticated and elegant presentations to fun, energetic videos that will engage your customers and help drive sales.

Basic price includes shooting your product on either a black or white limbo background. The spot includes a single end-frame graphic of your logo, promotional copy or call to action.


Additional Options

  • Additional supers / motion graphics
  • Art direction services / special product surfaces and /or backgrounds
  • Special effect shots
  • Tabletop product photography
  • Image processing / Photoshop work

7 steps to the video package process


  1. Contact us about your project.  Let’s explore the possibilities, discuss your goals and how we can create a video to meet your specific needs.
  2. The design and scope of work, including any additional options, schedule, deliverable list and final price is submitted for your approval.
  3. Send us your product.
  4. We shoot your product video. We can upload work in progress as required.
  5. After editing we send you a proxy video for approval.
  6. Upon final completion a link to download the full resolution video and any additional product stills will be sent to you.
  7. We ship the product back to you.

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