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Our Work

Hot Wings Drone – Action Video

Just Think Toys

Full Production

This exciting product video lives in a high-tech aerial fantasy world that really brings the excitement of flying this drone to life. This spot combines motion control with live action real time drone operations and cool high-tech motion graphics. Hang on for a thrilling ride that captures the speed and maneuvers capable with this amazing drone.

Doug Clark Fine Woodworking

Wooden Bowls

Full Production

A sophisticated video conceived to express the beauty and craftsmanship of Doug Clarke’s artisan wood bowls. Close up photography, moving light sources and elegantly designed choreography brings the viewer into an intimate exploration of these beautiful works of art.


Nike Hyperdunk

Super Fad / Nike

Motion control design, rigging & photography

Image and style are key elements to these series of high energy shoe videos. Motion control provided precise control of both the camera and the shoe enabling cineMonster to create victorious shots.

Summa F Series Introduction Video

Summa, USA

Full Production

Building on Summa”s success with previous videos, cineMonster developed a showcase concept using motion control studio and live action location photography. This video is an excellent example of cineMonster’s production capabilities including concept, script, set design, specialized motion control product photography and motion graphics used to collectively inform the viewer of the many features while creating a sophisticated product image.

Pull Dog Product Launch Video

Puget Sound Precision

Full Production

Problems need solutions. This sales video shows how regular tow hitches share a common design issue that create unfavorable results. The Pull Dog patented design trailer hitch solves the issues in a powerful side by side demonstration while reinforcing its additional benefits to potential customers.

Custom Crafted Hope Chest

Arbutus Custom Fine Woodworking

Full Production

Video 3 of 3 for Arbutus Fine Woodworking. Amazing inlay work and finishing are captured with style and grace using elegant motion control camera moves. 


Nike Victory Zoom

Super Fad / Nike

Motion control design, rigging, photography

Video 2 of 3 for Super Fad and Nike. Building on a theme, this video gets in the viewers face with awesome shots and shoe choreography. 

Hot Wings Drone – Instructional Video

Just Think Toys

Full Production

This video uses a top secret fantasy scenario to guide the viewer on getting the most from their drone purchase. It is a multi-step instructional video built around top secret drone operations. Several sequences serve to take the viewer through drone set-up, maintenance and basic flight operations.


Doug Clark Fine Woodworking – Bowl Making

Doug Clarke Fine Woodworking

Full Production

A companion video that uses motion control with cascading dissolves and behind the scenes artist photography to demonstrate the process of creating a wooden bowl that is truly a work of art.

Summa OPOS Cam – Trade Show Video

Summa, USA

Full Production

Summa was looking for a “sizzle” video to grab peoples attention and draw potential customers into their booth. This video builds on intrigue and expectation and expands into a high velocity tour de force of the Summa O-POS Cam cutter that had attendees buzzing!

Continental Tire

Sparks / Continental tire

Director / Motion control design

An excellent example of the style and energy that motion control repeatable photography and rigging can bring to a spot.

Dynavox Maestro – Launch Video


Full Production

Designed to meet the clients need for an energetic new product release campaign. The Maestro video was used in a product launch support role to create visual excitement and interest in the new products design and launch efforts.

Custom Artisan Lamp

Arbutus Custom Fine Woodworking

Full Production

CineMonster provides video solutions to engage potential clients with the amazing craftsmanship and beauty that is the essence of every Arbutus Fine Woodworking project. We created a series of 3 mini videos that lead the viewer on an engaging exploration of the beauty and exquisite detail found in all Arbutus work.


Custom Hand Crafted Spice Rack

Arbutus Custom Fine Woodworking

Full Production

Video 2 of 3 for Arbutus Fine Woodworking. This video explores the details and vibrance of the woods natural beauty and playfully adds some spice using multi-pass effects.


Summa DC4 – Sales Video

Summa, USA

Full Production

Summa returned to cineMonster to create a video for their DC4 and DC4sx printer/cutters. This project needed to cover many features and benefits of the new products and features motion control photography, live action and motion graphics.

Forbidden Sparkle – Web Launch Video

Forbidden Sparkle

Full Production

Still photos of the crystal encrusted flops failed to capture the sparkle this client was looking for. This CineMonster video was a cost effective web based video highlighting many of the products features while showcasing the important Swarovski sparkle.


Farberwear – Direct Sales

Atomic Direct

Motion control design & production

cineMonster was hired to provide the complete motion control production for Atomic Direct and Farberwear. This collaborative project utilized pre-visualisation of motion control shots to develop a sequence featuring multiple cook wear products and features to be incorporated into a live action direct market commercial.

Mercedes Benz /LA Auto Show Display

Lightspeed Design / Mercedes Benz

Motion control design, rigging, DSLR Stop motion photography

All of this video was shot as a series of High resolution Canon DSLR stills. The task was to create vignettes of several Mercedes vehicles to playback in 4 vertically positioned HD monitors. The Stop motion capability of the “Monster” enabled cineMonster to create the required shots needed for this Ultra High Resolution special venue project.



Goldfarb Jeweler”s – In-store Video Display

Goldfarb Jewelers

Full Production

An elegant showpiece video for in-store display. A variety of watches and fine jewelry is romanced with dynamic camera moves and tasteful motion graphics. An immersive journey that helped whet the customer’s appetite. 

Bucardo Mug – Website Video


Full Production

A simple 3 shot product turntable video for the Bucardos website

Home Depot  – Premium Cut Lumber Commercial

Pinnacle Studios / Home Depot

Director / Motion control design and rigging design

The “Monster” and clever product rigging creates a surreal journey that highlights the features of Home Depot’s new line of Premium cut lumber.